Clarence Ng

About Me

I'm a Frontend Developer. I’m all about continuous improvement, from learning new things, or improving current systems. I’ve been working in start ups for a while, so I’m quite adaptable, a fast learner, and have lots experience working on an evolving system or with evolving business requirements.



    • HTML
    • Pug
    • Jade
    • CSS
    • SASS
    • JS
    • Typescript


    • React
    • AngularJS
    • Styled Components
    • BEM
    • ITCSS
    • OOCSS
    • Ramda
    • Functional Programming
    • Design systems
    • Component systems

Typical Work Day(s)

I've primary worked on web applications for SAAS companies, so my skills lies in everything to do with that. A typical sprint looks like this:

  1. Review mockups to see if it’s technically feasible
  2. Offer suggestions on changes that could make features more cost effective (easier to do)
  3. Plan and investigate how features will be integrated into the application
  4. Create sprint tasks based off feature request or changes
  5. Convert mockups into a working feature using HTML, CSS, JS
  6. Write tests and do a functional test
  7. Code review


Preboot Component Library

React, Storybook, Typescript, SCSS, BEM, OOCSS

A repo to fork off of to rapidly create projects and test ideas while still looking 👌.


Grow Technologies

Sept 18 - Apr 19

8 months

Frontend Developer
  • Spearheaded and contributed to the re-architecture of our frontend technologies
  • Created a scalable, modular, and reuse-able frontend using React, Typescript, and Styled-Components
  • Helped with creation of a design system

Jan 15 - Aug 18

3 years 8 months

Frontend Developer
  • Implemented features in AngularJs and Ramda
  • Created and maintained a component system documented in Storybook
  • Helped with the development of a design system
  • Gauged design mockups for technical feasibility and either implemented them or offered alternative solutions for faster and cleaner implementation
  • Created a style guide using SASS/OOCSS/ITCSS/BEM
  • Planned company events!


Oct 14 - Apr 15

7 months

Frontend Developer


  • Landing pages
  • Brochure sites
  • Features for web applications